Meet Mack!  Mackenzie Malia is SRDC Aquatics Coordinator.  She is a 2024 graduate of University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she studied Elementary Education. She will begin her first year of teaching 4th grade in Clark County School District this upcoming school year. She has worked at SRDC for 7 years, where she started as a CIT and eventually became a lifeguard.  Mack has served as head lifeguard for the last 3 camp seasons.  In her free time, she loves to exercise, watch TV, and spend time with her friends and family.

SAFETY is always our first priority at SRDC!  SRDC Letter from the Pool

Dear SRDC Families,

We know that the pool is always a big concern to parents here at SRDC and I want to assure you that safety is always our first priority. We have 5 experienced American Red Cross Certified lifeguards on staff who are each certified in First Aid, CPR and AED. With four lifeguards on duty at all times, we exceed the minimum requirement set forth by the Southern Nevada Health District. In addition, the counselors, junior counselors and CIT’s swim with the campers everyday. Rest assured, there are lots of eyes on your children.

It’s never too early to start talking about pool safety with your camper and get them prepared for what to expect on their first day. Our team of lifeguards individually assess each camper’s swimming abilities and indicate their level of safety with one of our two colored wristbands. A green band requires your camper to swim the length of the pool confidently, without touching the bottom, and tread water for one minute. This gives them access to any area of the pool. A red band requires your camper to swim the width of the pool at the shallow end, without touching the bottom and without assistance, taking at least one breath and tread water for 30 seconds. This allows them to swim in the roped off, shallow end of the pool. Any camper who does not pass either test or who does not wish to test, will be required to wear a US Coast Guard certified life jacket which we will provide in most cases. Campers are only required to test once per summer and are welcome to retest at any time.

Sunblock should be applied before leaving home every morning, preferably a water/sweat proof lotion. Spray-on sunscreen may offer less protection because they evaporate quickly, and don’t provide full coverage. If applied properly, it will last up to 8 hours. Campers with an afternoon swim black can reapply after lunch. Why is this so important? Sunblock is ineffective or least effective unless applied 30 minutes prior to being outside. When applied just before getting into the pool, it immediately comes off and will negatively impact the chemicals in our pool threatening a shut down. We really appreciate your help in keeping our pool clean.

We do not provide swim instruction during the pool block. Campers enjoy free swim time. While we do not force any campers to swim, we do encourage every camper to participate by changing into their swim suit. Campers with a morning swim block could arrive at camp dressed for swimming and bring a change of clothes for after. Otherwise, they will use the locker rooms to change for the pool. We encourage them to do their best to maintain their personal privacy while still changing in a timely manner. They can always opt to sit on the benches provided until the end of the block. If they have passed their swim test, they may sit at the edge of the pool. They are required to stay with their groups during swimming even if they do not wish to participate.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our aquatics program, do not hesitate to reach out to